Who loves Meatloaf?

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Who doesn’t love a good meatloaf?I have always loved Meatloaf since I was a youngster. Now that I am older and the one making it, I have put my own twist on it

I love cooking outside on the grill or using one of my smokers, the meatloaf turns out ridiculously awesome!

My go to most of the time is my Green Mountain Davey Crockett pellet grill. This thing cooks almost flawlessly.

When making my meatloaf I use the normal ingredients and sometimes mix some cheddar cheese in with it and then wrap in bacon.

When using my DC “Davey Crockett ” I like to start out low and slow setting my temp on the grill to 185 degrees and letting it smoke for 2 hours,then I will check the internal temperature and remove from grill and crank it up to 325 degrees and finish it off till bacon is fully cooked and internal temp is 165 degrees.

To make the bacon weave, lay eight bacon strips, side by side, vertically. Horizontally, weave the top bacon strip through the vertical strips. For the remaining horizontal strips, pull back every other vertical bacon strip (see the picture above). Lay a bacon strip down up snug to the horizontal strips. Pull the vertical strips back down. Do the same thing again, but with the other vertical bacon strips. Do this for the rest of the bacon until you have a complete bacon weave.

Roll or pat out the ground beef to the same size shape as the bacon weave.  Lay the cheese along the middle of the square of ground beef. Spread any BBQ spice rub across all the beef.

Roll up the ground beef into a log. Tuck in the sides to make sure there is no opening for the cheese to melt out of. Lay the beef on the bacon weave and wrap the weave around the beef log.

  • 16 slices of bacon
  • 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef
  • 1/2 cup cheddar cheese

You will end up with this beautiful and tasty meatloaf as the end result

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