Easy Recipe For BBQ Smoked Pork Shoulder

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Who doesn’t like pulled pork? I know I do, so we are going to talk about smoking a pork shoulder. I don’t get real crazy with the spices and rubs, I try and keep it pretty simple. I like to get the taste of the meat and the smoke just as much as the rubs I use. This is why I don’t go over board with spices and rubs.I like to use enough to give good flavor and a nice bark on my meat. There is a video below to show my process of preparing the shoulder,


1 Pork Shoulder

Sea Salt

Black Pepper

Santa Fe Coffee rub

Carolina Pit Powder

When I’m doing a pork shoulder I like low and slow, so I start up my Green Mountain grill and set the temperature to 225 degrees and that’s the temp I will be cooking at till the meat reaches an internal temperature of 205 degrees. Once we achieve the internal temp of 205 degrees you take off the grill and wrap in foil or pink butcher paperwhich ever you prefer” and put in a cooler for an hour. Then take from cooler and unwrap and start shredding the meat. I have found at that temperature the meat pretty much falls apart on its on with just a little help from you. If you can just remove the bone “if you are cooking a bone in that is” then the rest of the shredding process will be smooth sailing.

You should end up with what you see below..











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