Try these Salted Pork-Chops on a Himalayan Salt Block

Sunday, November 11, 2018 Food  No comments

I tried something different yesterday and done some Salted pork chops on a Himalayan Salt Block on my green mountain pellet grill. I just love using this little grill, I will attempt about anything on it. There hasn’t been much I haven’t made on here. I do believe these have to be by far the best pork chops I have ever made. I also have to thank my wife for the Himalayan Salt Block she got me for my birthday. Ok on with the Chops !

I put the Salt block in grill before starting, set grill to 150 degrees and let it come up to temp. Once it reached 150 degrees I waited 10 minutes and then set temperature to 300 degrees. You are to bring salt block temp up slowly 150 degrees at a time waiting 10 minutes between each time you raise your temperature up till you reach your target temp to cook at.

Now that we are at 300 degrees I waited 10 minutes and put the pork chops on the salt block ”only with black pepper and some onion powder for seasoning ”


I then let them cook at 300 degrees taking in some smoke for 1 hour flipping them at 30-minute mark, Once the hour was up, I removed the pork chops and turned the grill temperature to 425 degrees to finish them off with a nice sear.



I seared both sides 5 minutes each side and then removed.




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