Retro meals going out of fashion in Resturants

Thursday, September 27, 2018 Food

With the nation’s food trends ever-evolving some of Britain’s most retro dishes are falling out of favour – and therefore off restaurant menus.

According to research by online reservation site OpenTable, classics such as bubble and squeak, jelly and ice cream and quiche could become extinct in fine dining establishments.

The top ten meals on the Endangered Dish List include coq au vin, stroganoff (mushroom or beef), steak Diane, peach Melba, and pork medallions.

Quiche is very rarely seen on the menu at high-end restaurants and is in danger of becoming extinct according to research by OpenTable which found several endangered dishes that no longer appeared on menus




A childhood classic jelly and ice cream is not sophisticated enough for some chefs and diners and is falling foul of fancy desserts





A dish made of filleted and pounded chicken then rolled around cold garlic butter before being coated in breadcrumbs, foodies are calling for a return of the chicken Kiev

The research also revealed which old-school meals diners would like to see making a return to restaurant menus.

The survey of 2,017 adults also found that many UK diners are feeling nostalgic for simpler dishes, and longing for the return of favourites like gammon, egg and chips, Arctic roll, quiche and garlic mushrooms.

However, while throwback dishes like bubble and squeak may be nostalgic for some, two-thirds of 16 to 24-year-olds – generation Z – admitted they had never tasted the traditional British breakfast recipe.

The survey proves that diners have a craving for nostalgic, home-comfort meals when dining out, with a 23 per cent voting for gammon, egg and chips to make a comeback and 27 per cent stating they would be more likely to visit a restaurant if the dish was on the menu.

Whereas French dessert, Crepe Suzette, has had its day with less than eight per cent of the UK willing it to make a return.


Bubble and squeak may be nostalgic for some, but two-thirds of the UK’s Generation Z audience, those aged 16-24, admitted they had never eaten the traditional British breakfast recipe of fried roast leftovers



The survey of 2,017 adults also found that many UK diners are actually feeling nostalgic for simpler food eras with calls for the return of their favourites like gammon, egg and chips

Top 10 retro dishes Brits want back

1. Gammon, egg and chips

2. Arctic Roll

3. Chicken Kiev

4. Bubble and squeak

5. Jelly and ice-cream

6. Garlic mushrooms

7. Stroganoff (mushroom or beef)

8. Quiche

9. Steak Diane

10. Beef bourguignon

Top 10 Endangered Dishes

1. Jelly and ice cream

2. Bubble and squeak

3. Quiche

4. Arctic Roll

5. Coq au vin

6. Stroganoff (mushroom or beef)

7. Steak Diane

8. Peach melba

9. Chicken Kiev

10. Pork medallions


The arctic roll was the staple of many fridge-freezers, a simple dessert of ice cream coated in jam and rolled in cake sponge

Despite certain dishes falling off restaurant menus, the UK is still keen to get their retro fix in their own kitchen.

Across the country gammon, egg and chips was the most popular throwback meal that Britons cook at home – except for Londoners who voted for chicken Kiev.

Most recently the nostalgic food trend has been inspiring restaurants in London and across the UK to reinvent dishes from the 70s to noughties.