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I have always been a little of a technology geek, with that being said I am going to tell you about what I picked up. The Owl Car Cam is a dash cam and security device that pairs with your smartphone. Video clips are stored on your phone, so no memory card is required, and you don’t run the risk of losing your clips if the camera is stolen. It has some cool features like two-way talk, an inside camera, and remote camera access. It’s certainly innovative, but it’s missing some key features that we would expect at this price. That said, I am excited to see how the Owl Car Cam evolves.

The price of the Owl Car Cam does include one year of LTE Instant Video service, which allows you to view the video feed from the interior and exterior camera remotely. After the first year, this feature costs $99 per year or $10 per month for 60 incidents or 60 minutes each month.This does away with needing a memory card. After your year is up and if you don’t feel you want the LTE service then you will only be able to get your video through direct wifi connect through the dash cam. Meaning you will have to be near the camera and you will no longer get notifications.

The Camera is very easy to instal, it comes with everything you need and i believe i had mine installed in a matter of 10 minutes. It plugs into your ODB port located down under the dash most of the time. This means it will be on 24/7 and nothing will be  missed.The Owl Car Cam records continuously when the car is on, but you can also save 20-second clips by saying “OK Presto” or tapping the screen, then stating a title for the clip. If you don’t state a title, it’s labeled “unknown.” Saving and naming these recordings worked well in my tests, with accurate speech transcription. If you don’t have cell coverage, you can still save clips, and they’ll transfer over when you get service back.



The Owl Cam is designed to be in the car at all times and won’t drain the car’s battery. If someone steals the device, you’ll have a picture of the thief for police and Owl will replace your camera at their discretion for up to three years after purchase. Note, though, that the unit shuts down after not being used for about 24 hours. This will be extended to 72 hours in an upcoming software release. This is a great tool if you are an Uber or Lyft driver

Innovative But Pricey

At about $350, the Owl Car Cam is more expensive than most other dash cams, but offers some cool features including remote camera access and two-way communication. It monitors your car even when it’s off, but only for about 24 hours (until the previously mentioned software release extends this to 72 hours), so it can’t help if you park your car on a city street for days at a time. That said, it has potential, and I’m excited to see how the company updates this device down the road. For now, it’s best for early adopters. I also added a couple other cameras incase the owl isn’t for you. I am also putting a couple videos of the recordings I have done.

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