Jalapeño poppers

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Jalapeño poppers wrapped in bacon

Making sweet and spicy jalapeño poppers wrapped in bacon, these things may sound weird but go so well together.

# Preparing the jalapeño pepper

First you start by coring out your peppers. Some like to slice the pepper in half,but I’d rather keep it whole. I start by slicing the top off and using a core tool to remove the insides of the pepper.

# Filling The Pepper With Your Ingredients

I am using the peanut butter jelly mixture called “goober” it has the mixture of the two already done for you. I like to use a cake decorating bag to fill the pepper. I fill the bag with my desired amount and then squeeze into the jalapeño peppers. Then I wrap a piece of bacon around the pepper. I use a tooth pick to hold the bacon by sticking it through the pepper”as pictured “ Take a tooth pick and poke a whole in the bottom of the pepper to allow juice to drain.

# Cooking The Poppers

I use a jalapeño pepper rack to hold the peppers. Some slice their pepper in half and do them that way. I prefer to keep them whole. I start my grill up, I am using a pellet smoker so I will set the temp to 225 and once the grill temp is met I will place the peppers on the grill. I will cook till the bacon is cooked through.

I tend to like my bacon a little crispy so I cook them till the bacon is crisp.

Then all you have left to do is remove from the grill let them cool down so you don’t burn your mouth, and begin enjoying.

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