Grilling Accessories you may want to try

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I decided I would do a article on grilling accessories I’ve bought and gotten as a gifts for my grilling and smoking hobby.

Let’s begin with some meat claws great shredding your pork shoulder for pulled pork, or any other meat you are looking to shred . These things make shredding your meat up very easy and kinda fun to do also. They are a great cooking tool to add to your arsenal.


I also love using this rib rack for cooking my ribs. I like to use these when in need of making more room so I don’t have to lay the slabs of ribs flat on the grates. They work great ! If you are wanting to make more room for more ribs these are a must have.

I started using pink butcher paper to wrap my meats in instead of aluminum foil, so far I am liking it. The paper helps let some of the steam out but maintains the juices, I wondered if my meat would end up dry but it hasn’t. I still cook till I reach my desired internal temp as I do wrapped or not wrapped and everything I’ve used with the paper has came out great. I’m not saying I won’t ever use aluminum foil again but not as often.

Now let’s talk about the Himalayan salt block, I got one of these for Christmas from my wife. I must say I love the results I got from using this. The first thing I made on it was some pork chops, I put some pepper and a little onion powder on the pork chops, I didn’t use any salt since I was cooking on the salt block. I must say they were the best chops I had made. They were so tender and juicy, I am going to try some other meats and I will write about them after I try it. I suggest trying one for yourself and see what you think of it.


I also picked up a smoke tube to use with my pellet grill to add additional smoke with my cooks. This thing works awesome! I had never used one before so wasn’t sure what to expect. You load it up with pellets, or you could use some wood chips if you like. I use pellets that I use in my pellet grill, once you have your desired amount in tube you light it up, I use a small torch to start it let it burn some then put the fire out and let it smolder, I got around 2-3 hours of smoke from the tube I purchased. This is plenty to add more smoke. They say you really only take the smoke in your first 2-4 hours of cooking, so I think that will work fine for me. I also done some cold smoking with some cheese. Cold smoking means not lighting the grill so there is no heat you just use the tube and nothing more. I will be doing an article on smoking cheese to let you know my results.

I hope some of the items I’ve listed and told you about help you out when you are looking for items that will help you in your grilling and cooking needs.

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know any experience you have with any of these items or if you have any questions I can answer and help you with.

Happy grilling !! Remember it’s not BBQ if there is no smoke !!


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