Comfort Food and WinterTime

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I’m not much on winter time but it is a great time to make some good comfort food. Cold weather and comfort and winter go together like salt and pepper. So I had a brain storm and went for it. I decided to make a dish with a pork roast I had thawed out. I decided on making a soup and I believe I done well. That is one thing about winter time we love comfort food when its cold out. Cold Weather, Food and Winter  just go together.

Ingredients for Pork Roast


Project Smoke – Santa Fe Coffee Rub

Project Smoke – Kansas City Smoke Rub

Grill Mates – Apple Rub

Course Sea Salt

Black Pepper

I seasoned the roast and then put it on the grill. I am posting a video below

Ingredients to add after smoking the roast


Celery – 1 and a half cups chopped

Baby Carrots – 1 and a half cups chopped

Green Onion – half cup chopped

Beef Broth – 2 cups 

Water – 1 cup

Pasta – 16 oz bag  [of your choice] “just boil long enough to soften maybe 5 min and finish cooking in crock pot”

Add above ingredients to 6 quart crockpot


Cook until pork roast is done and falling apart. Then shred roast up in crockpot. Once you have roast shredded add the pasta you partially cooked


This is what I started with, I ended up adding 2 more tsp of salt  and pepper to taste 

You may also add another cup of Beef Broth if needed. Finish cooking till pasta if fully cooked.




Now enjoy !!




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