Cheesy Baked Hot Dogs

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 Food

Cheesy Baked Hot Dogs! Take a kids favorite—hot dogs—to the next level by adding cheese and baking them in the oven to crispy, gooey perfection. Some onions and relish help, too.



Oh, the humble hot dog! It’s maybe the most iconic American children’s food, and with good reason.

Hot dogs are easy to cook—actually almost all of them are precooked so you can safely eat them cold out of the package, if that’s your thing. They are easy for kids to eat either with hands or chopped up into pieces. They are also pretty darn delicious.

Most kids will eat pretty much any hot dog, but if I’m making these for my dinner as well, I want a good quality hot dog. I prefer to buy all-beef hot dogs with a natural casing on them so they have some snap to them.

Hot Dog Recipe with Cheese serve the dogs


To make sure the hot dogs have a little snap to them, I recommend searing them in a skillet before baking them. Sure, it takes a few minutes, but it does add some nice texture to the dog.

Then baking the hot dogs allows the cheese to melt and the bun to get crispy on top. It’s a beautiful, and simple, combo!

Topped with cheddar cheese and diced onions, the hot dogs bake up beautifully (I recommend a top-cut bun for easier positioning in the baking dish). Top with any and all toppings you wish and serve them with a steamed veggie. I used cheddar cheese and chopped white onions, and after a few minutes in a 350°F. oven, dinner is done!

What to serve with your hot dogs?

To round out the plate, I recommend serving these with a vegetable of some sort. Just something green!

Baked Hot Dogs with Cheese


I can eat a cheesy hot dog as-is with nothing else and be pretty content. But I have nothing to do while the hot dogs bake anyway, so I like to chop up a some condiments to add with it.

I use a mix of dill pickles, spicy pickled cauliflower, and banana peppers, which adds a zesty crunch and cuts through some of the richness of the hot dogs. I chop the mix pretty finely since it’s going on the dogs.

I recommend making a double batch and keeping it in the fridge .

Hot dogs are a pretty easy win for most kids so maybe explore different toppings with your kids such as spicy mustard, or just keep it simple and count this as a surefire dinner win.